are all the cadavers tested for infectious disease?

All donors are thoroughly tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. No tissue is permitted into this facility if they test positive for any of the above mentioned diseases. 


can i make specific requests with regard to the cadavers?

Yes, you can make requests for BMI, gender, medical history, tooth count, etc. These prerequisites must be made in advance of your scheduled course. Please note, the more specific the request, the more lead time we may need.


is there a risk of exposure to formaldehyde?

We use fresh frozen cadavers that are not preserved with formaldehyde.  


what are the benefits of using fresh, frozen cadavers?

Fresh frozen cadavers are regarded as creating a more realistic surgical experience, as they are known to be most similar to that of a live patient. 


what kind of protection do you offer in the cadaver program?

We offer PPE (personal protective equipment). YO LAB is equipped with gowns, gloves, masks, shoe covers, scrub caps and hair caps, eye protection and lead aprons. We can also order additional PPE specifically for your event with advance notice.


how far are you from pittsburgh, akron and cleveland airports?

YO LAB is located off Route 224 in Poland, Ohio. We are an hour from PIT (Pittsburgh International Airport), 1 hour 10 minutes from CAK (Akron-Canton Airport) and 1 hour 30 minutes from CLE (Cleveland Hopkins International Airport).


is your facility handicap accessible?

Yes, YO LAB is handicap accessible. Our facility is located on the ground floor and has two handicap accessible ground-level restrooms as well. 


does yo lab provide transportation to and from hotels, airports, etc.?

YO LAB does not provide transportation. However, we can suggest trusted transportation companies that we utilize and recommend for our customers’ needs.


what is the proper attire for the lab?

YO LAB provides scrubs for all participants. If you are participating in the wet lab portion of your course, we suggest close-toed and comfortable shoes. All basic PPE is provided and specific material may be ordered if need be.